How to Find Your Ideal Kinky BDSM Partner

BDSM sexulity

In any BDSM relationship, compatibility is an important thing from the beginning. But when you think about it, where do you find these elusive and kinky matches? Finding an ideal BDSM partner seems tricky. In fact, this is a question that requires some skill. First Consider Your Needs The first question to consider is whether … Read more

Kinks and Fetishes are More Common than You Think

You are more kinky than you think

So we’ve heard a lot about fetishes and kinks and it all seems like stuff about things in the Fifty Shades, but the facts are totally different. Kinks and Fetishes are more common than you think. Many people don’t know there are some signs that can definitely reveal they are actually kinky, and they still … Read more

5 Common Sexual Fetishes You May Considered Before

Common Sexual Fetishes

Fetishes are all the rage nowadays, but still largely misunderstood. They bring to mind images of girls in black, laceless lingerie, their hands cuffed behind their backs, breaths tightened in their throats. To some, this is going to come as a surprise and a moment of enlightenment: fetishes aren’t limited to just hardcore BDSM. A … Read more

When are Kinks Considered Mental health Issues?

Kink Mental Health Issue

The stigma surrounding kinks has started to bog down. Although still the epicenter of a raging controversy, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in its 5th edition has finally mustered the decency to upgrade the status of out-of-the-ordinary sexual behavior – it’s now been given a different, much-improved status. Interestingly, this diagnostic bible of sexual … Read more

Ashley Madison Review 2019

Our Review AshleyMadison is not a typical dating site for most people. Since the beginning, AshleyMadison has been creating an online dating community that encourages affairs and abandons stereotypes. And based on the desire of people in the real world to not be made public, AM has acquired a large number of members and a … Read more

How to React When Your Partner Let a Kink Out

How to React When Your Partner Let a Kink Out

There is a lot of information about how to tell your partner your sexual kinks, but what if another situation? As a member of the couple, how should you express your support when your partner asks for help? This situation is different from usual; it is a bit subtle. After all, it may involve something … Read more

How to Handle Your Kink

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Almost anything turns someone on. Feet. Elves. Superheroes. Robots. Penguins. Robot penguins. There’s even a fetish circle devoted to Flo, the girl from the car insurance commercials. Hey, there’s just something about Flo. Fetish used to come with a waterfall of shame. Once upon a time, it even qualified as a kind of sexual disorder. These days, … Read more

Common Ways to Explore Your Kinks

Explore Your Kinks

After some figuring out you know you might be a little bit kinky. And probably you have accepted it and be ready to explore a new lifestyle, or just look on and prepare to wait sometime for a decision. Regardless of your decision is, know more about it doesn’t hurt. So we prepare some common … Read more